Rail employees field training

Training & Certification






It can be challenging to determine what training your rail workers need to meet your company’s safety and regulatory requirements. Proper rules knowledge and the confidence to perform tasks properly promote a workplace culture of safe behavior in the unforgiving railroad environment. We take pride in providing customized on-site training, personally delivered by our experienced staff and focused on safe operating practices that meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Our instructors have decades of experience working, supervising and teaching. Simply put, we are the best rail training provider in the industry.



We believe the most effective way to learn rail safety is with face-to-face interaction, where our instructor can demonstrate task-based skills in the field as well as present material and answer questions in the classroom. We can then use written assessments and on-the-job observations to confirm your employees have both the rules knowledge and the physical skills needed to work safely and efficiently.


With such a long list of federal regulations it can be difficult to maintain compliance. Failure to comply can be costly for your company. We provide a comprehensive service for all aspects of engineer and conductor certification, acting as a liaison between the Federal Railroad Administration and our clients.