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Hallcon delivers unparalleled expertise in turnkey electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development, charge management, operations, and maintenance for end-to-end management of your electric fleet. We deliver end-to-end EV infrastructure and maintenance to support your transition to an electric fleet and enable critical technology and analytics to optimize operations, charging, and infrastructure reliability.

We are accelerating our clients’ shift toward sustainable transportation while establishing world-class proficiency in fleet electrification and the deployment of technologies designed to lessen the impact of our services on the environment. 

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Innovative Sustainable Transportation Solutions

Leading the Charge for EV Infrastructure & Operations

Anyone can drive an EV. But having a partner with end-to-end expertise in EV infrastructure development, EV charging and operations optimization, charger maintenance, and EV analytics is critical. This is how you achieve your electrification goals.

In 2017, we set a bold vision to support and accelerate our clients’ shift toward sustainable transportation solutions. Today, we are making strategic investments to expand our services to meet every EV need our clients might have.

We’re not just participating in the electrification of transportation; we’re leading it by developing unparalleled expertise and capabilities in the electrification of fleet and sustainable transportation technologies.

What You Should Expect From Your EV Partner

With a suite of comprehensive EV and EV infrastructure service offerings, Hallcon’s expertise is second to none.

Hallcon has turnkey, cost-effective solutions to support your EV infrastructure and operations.

Transition planning, EV infrastructure engineering, charger maintenance, and EV Analytics. Hallcon is your sole partner on your journey to a more sustainable future.

Infrastructure Build

We oversee the entire construction process, managing all aspects of the build or upgrade. We provide exceptional proficiency in design, construction and optimizing high-capacity EV infrastructure, tailored to fit the specific requirements of your program.

EV Operations

Optimize your fleet’s performance, ensuring maximum efficiency through strategic coordination of charging schedules, load management and vehicle duty cycles. Our team focuses on developing, implementing, and fine-tuning EV operations and charging infrastructure to ensure top efficiency and return on your EV investments.

Engineering & Development

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of developing your electric vehicle program and infrastructure. We offer a full range of turnkey services, from selecting and designing the perfect site, engineering your charging infrastructure, installing chargers and acquiring vehicles to support your shuttle program.

Charge Management & Analytics

We oversee the initiation, launch, and ongoing management of your EV infrastructure start to finish. Our services include implementing EV charging management programs, remote monitoring, and sophisticated analytics to increase energy efficiency and maximize the return on your investment.

EV Infrastructure Expertise

We’re leading the charge in establishing a nationwide network of EV Operations Centers, directly supporting our clients’ goals for sustainability.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to lead in innovation, boasting a charging infrastructure capable of supporting up to 150 heavy-duty vehicles daily. Utilizing the latest technology, we streamline operations to offer peak efficiency and deliver full turnkey services, including vehicle maintenance and cleaning.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative drive, and unwavering commitment to sustainability set us apart as the go-to partner for companies dedicated to achieving their environmental goals.

Why Partnering With Hallcon on Your EV Transition Is the Only Choice

When you work with an EV expert that leads you through the every phase of your EV project, you receive some amazing outcomes:

  • Achievement of your ESG goals
  • Complete transition to electric fleet
  • Optimization of your EV charging infrastructure
  • Enhancement of your brand as a sustainability leader
  • Measured reduction of carbon emissions
  • Return on investment through cost reductions and sale of carbon credits

The Future is Electric. We’ll Help You Prepare for it.

We are committed to helping you minimize your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals.

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