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Hallcon combines cutting-edge technology integration, advanced analytics and measurement, turnkey operations, and exceptional sustainability capabilities to bring significantly more value to your shuttle service.

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Hallcon’s Unique Value

Here’s why you’re not getting what you deserve.

The Hallcon Difference

Value We Deliver

Technology Integration & Analytics

Hallcon’s internal software development and analytics team integrates data from a wide range of sources including operations, maintenance, ridership, fleet, driver performance, training, rider feedback, traffic, weather and more to pioneer analytics and performance measures that are unparalleled in the industry.

What it Means to You

Insights and Action

Through our data analytics and sophisticated business intelligence tools, Hallcon provides clients with unique, targeted insights into their shuttle programs. These insights are not available through typical reporting, and our analytics define measures and benchmarks that can be used to enhance performance, optimize fleet, improve customer service, eliminate unneeded costs, and drive growth in the overall shuttle program.

Turnkey Service

Unlike providers who outsource critical aspects of your shuttle program to others, Hallcon uses its broad base of in-house capabilities to offer a 100% turnkey approach to client Shuttle Program delivery.

Enhanced Rider Experience

To effectively grow a Shuttle Program and maintain a high level of rider satisfaction, you must be in control of all key components of rider experience, including operational performance, fleet reliability, safety, environmental factors, and passenger feedback. These components are critical to the health of your network.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Hallcon set a vision in 2017 to advance sustainable vehicle technology and infrastructure to support our clients and their transitions to electrification. Hallcon is currently developing nearly 12 Megawatts of heavy-duty charging capacity to support client needs across the country. We are advancing critical EV infrastructure capabilities in analytics, operational optimization, EV infrastructure maintenance, charging-as-a-service (CaaS), and EV site design and construction.

Achieved Sustainability Goals

Hallcon is an established, single source of expertise across the entire EV infrastructure and operations spectrum. We can support client needs at all levels of EV transitions or development. This includes optimizing charging capacity, tracking and selling carbon credits, ensuring infrastructure reliability through robust maintenance programs, and maximizing the return on investment for EV programs.

5 Hallcon buses parked in a line.
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4 Hallcon buses parked in a line.

Types of Shuttle Solutions

Shuttle Solutions to Fit Every Program

Where do your people need to go? We’re on the ground with a route ready for them.

Commuter Shuttles

Access and attract new talent, retain existing workers, and add thousands of hours of productivity to each day with a commuter employee shuttle program that conveniently brings your employees to and from work everyday.

On-Demand Shuttles

Personalize a safe and reliable experience that your riders can count on when and where they need it most, with a wide range of 24/7 on-demand shuttle applications.

Last-Mile Shuttles

Bridge the gap between your location and the broader community by seamlessly integrating your office building, business park, or campus with local public transit hubs.

Intercampus Shuttles

Make short trips seamless by facilitating more efficient movement between buildings and facilities with intercampus shuttle buses that decrease congestion, improve parking availability, support campus safety, and increase sustainability.

Multi-Employer Shuttles

Access a broader talent network, decrease onsite parking demand, and retain your top talent by partnering with surrounding local businesses to establish a shared shuttle bus program at a fraction of the cost.

ADA Shuttles

Ensure everyone can get around easily by providing critical mobility for all riders. An ADA campus shuttle service improves accessibility by offering safe, convenient and reliable shuttle transportation across your entire campus.

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How Cutting-Edge Companies Get to Work

Having a robust corporate transportation program has become critical to attracting and retaining top talent. Having employees in the office to collaborate and innovate can make a tremendous difference for your business. However, commutes can be unproductive.

Hallcon can maximize your employee productivity by turning commute time into work time through a Commuter Shuttle program. Employees will have a stress-free commute, while you eliminate the cost of additional parking, reduce congestion, and advance ESG goals through a lower carbon footprint.

We can also connect your business to new talent by integrating your campus with public transit through last mile shuttles and connecting your business locations through intercampus shuttles.

See Our Corporate Shuttle Solutions

Hallcon can support a wide range of businesses through Shuttle Programs, including:

  • Tech
  • Manufacturing 
  • Airlines
  • Bio-Tech & Life Sciences
  • Industrial & Distribution
  • Railroads
  • Financial 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • And More…

Moving People Across Any Campus or Facility

You might have people who are saving lives. Who are creating the next innovation. Or who are traveling the world. But no matter what, they need reliable transportation services across their campus or facility.

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Patients need seamless access to critical healthcare, and those who provide the care need to be there when needed. Hallcon delivers an unparalleled experience for patients and staff while reducing congestion and pollution.

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We get everyone to, from, and around your campus safely and on time. We optimize parking availability and reduce congestion on your campus.



Passengers are looking for quick, reliable transportation to get to and from their flights. When you provide reliable, clean, and sustainable airport shuttles, you increase the likelihood they will use your airport again and again.

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Command Center Solutions

We manage and optimize your entire network.

Hallcon leads central command center services for some of the nation’s most expansive and complex 24/7 transportation networks. We manage integrated dispatch and customer service across multiple transportation providers for all your shuttle options in any geographic location.

We integrate technologies and optimize your entire transportation network while managing overall performance to a high standard.

Discover Our Command Center Solutions

Keep Your People Moving.

No matter what type of shuttle program, we can get your people where they need to be.

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