Transportation Infrastructure Solutions

Grow Ridership.  Support Sustainability.

Hallcon supports your growth, operational and ESG goals through unique transportation infrastructure solutions.

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Hallcon electric vehicle operations facility in San Jose.

Infrastructure Services

Keep Your Operation Moving

Whether it’s ensuring your vehicles and train cars are healthy and clean, making sure you have the right rail experts to maintain and operate your network, or ensuring you can transition effectively to electric vehicles, we help you maximize your return on investment.

Transportation Cleaning

Grow Ridership through Spotless Vehicles and Stations

Thanks to over seven decades of specialty industry experience, we know what it takes to keep your transportation vehicles and transit facilities clean and healthy.

We are experts in cleaning and disinfecting processes and best practices, and use this expertise to make your riders feel comfortable, safe and delighted. The result is unparalleled satisfaction across your network and increased ridership.

Learn More About Our Cleaning Solutions

Do not let the condition of your commuter trains, buses and stations hold you back from having a top tier transportation network that riders want to use again and again.

Our team offers services that include cleaning, disinfecting, seat programs, salt removal, stainless treatments, and more across a wide range of vehicles and facilities: 

  • Commuter train cars
  • Luxury motorcoaches
  • Transit buses
  • Locomotives
  • Transit Stations
  • Crew Resthouses
  • Other Transportation Facilities
A Hallcon employee sprays and wipes down a front tire on a motorcoach.
A Hallcon employee wipes down a leather seat inside a shuttle bus.

Transportation Staffing Solutions

Specialty Staffing, Training, and Certification for Commuter and Freight Railroads

We’ll hire, train, and certify the specialists you need to keep your trains running.

The rail industry is the backbone of the economy. You need a staffing partner who understands your unique industry requirements and challenges.

Hallcon is the leading provider of staffing, training, and certification solutions for railroads and transportation companies throughout North America. With decades of rail industry expertise, we solve the most pressing challenges for the biggest names in the rail industry.

See what we can do for you.

Explore Our Specialty Staffing Services

Our services include:

  • Federal Compliance
  • Basic Rail Safety Training
  • New Hire & Ongoing Training
  • Rail Employee Certification
  • Rail Staffing
  • Onsite Audits
  • Consulting
  • Mobilization Support
Hallcon rail worker climbing up a ladder.
Rail worker standing in between two trains.
Hallcon worker inside of a train viewing monitors.


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Hallcon set a vision in 2017 to advance sustainable vehicle technology and infrastructure to support our clients and their transitions to electrification.

Transition planning. Electric vehicle infrastructure engineering. Charger maintenance and management. We’re your sole partner on your journey to a more sustainable future.

We make clean transportation possible.

We oversee the entire construction process, managing all aspects of the build or upgrade.
We provide exceptional proficiency in design, construction and optimizing high-capacity EV infrastructure, tailored to fit the specific requirements of your program.

Learn More About Our EV Solutions

What to expect when you partner with Hallcon to support EV transportation:

  • Meet your ESG goals
  • Transition to electric buses, EV shuttles, and other electric vehicles
  • Optimize your EV infrastructure
  • Investment in your future
  • Stay ahead of regulations
  • Reduce co2 emissions
  • Improve company morale
  • Improve funding opportunities

Let’s Solve Your Transportation Challenges.

We’re proud to have the right people for your needs. Let’s make the transportation system better for everyone.

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A Hallcon double decker bus pulls out of the facility, passing by a sign that reads "Hallcon EV Operations Center"