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While most transportation providers offer canned reports from individual systems, we believe you are entitled to far more.

We leverage cutting-edge technology integration and an advanced business intelligence platform to deliver insights that others simply cannot. At our core, we are a technology-driven rider experience company. Basic reporting is just not good enough.

With Hallcon Analytics, you get unique, targeted insights into your shuttle program to enhance performance, optimize fleet management, improve customer service, eliminate unnecessary costs, and drive program growth. We help our clients solve problems proactively with insights they would not otherwise see.

We’ve Redefined What’s Possible

By integrating a wide array of systems and data sets, such as operations, maintenance, safety, cleaning, rider satisfaction, training, weather, traffic, and more, we have engineered a single lens into your transportation network.

We can look across all modes of transportation and vehicle types to bring visibility to optimization and cost savings opportunities that have not been seen before. We see issues and safety concerns and resolve them before they happen. We identify potential problems and create solutions before they occur. The result is excellence in performance and top tier rider experience. 

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Operational Efficiency

Vehicle Availability

Route Optimization


Leveraging the Transportation Data Warehouse

As a rare transportation provider with an in-house software engineering and analytics team, Hallcon delivers for you a unique data warehouse that contains the complete data signature of your transportation network. We layer powerful business intelligence (BI) tools and analytics capabilities on top of your data to create a sophisticated and predictive environment that can measure performance on many levels.

The result is optimized service, cost, and experience for your riders.

A diagram showing how the data warehouse collects and disseminates information for Hallcon clients.

Benchmark the Health of Your Transportation Network

Hallcon has used its leading innovation in technology integration and data analytics to establish a measurement benchmark that is the first of its kind in the industry.

Hallcon’s Mobility Health Index ®, or MHI, is a measure of transportation network health across a number of key performance areas, including operational efficiency, vehicle reliability, safety, environmental impacts, and rider satisfaction.

By establishing an MHI for your own transportation or shuttle network, you will be able to benchmark performance over time, see the impacts of improvements, and target specific problem areas in order to maximize value. You can also benchmark against others in the industry who have established MHI’s in order to take advantage of best practices and new ideas to improve.

Let Hallcon help you elevate the health of your transportation.

Transform Data into Action

We’ve built technology to improve every ride. Make tomorrow’s wish list today’s reality. 

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