Transportation Cleaning

Grow ridership by taking the health and welfare of your riders to another level.

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Cleaned Vehicles Annually


Hallcon cleans over 1 million railcars, buses, transit facilities, stations, and vehicles annually.

Enhance Your Rider Experience with Hallcon

While other cleaning companies focus on multiple industries, Hallcon focuses solely on the needs of the transportation industry.

We offer a unique combination of transportation industry knowledge and cleaning expertise that has redefined the rider experience.

Hallcon sets a new standard for the health and welfare of riders by adhering to stringent quality standards and deploying streamlined cleaning service processes and technology that prioritize riders’ health, hygiene, and happiness.

Elevate Your Brand

We understand that the cleanliness of your facilities and vehicles are a statement about your brand's integrity. A clean fleet and transit station is the ultimate expression of your organization's dedication to providing safe and clean transportation options for your passengers. Elevate your brand with Hallcon's customized cleaning solutions, transcending traditional expectations with our unwavering commitment to quality.

Grow Ridership

When riders experience the pristine environments created by our expert cleaning teams, they want to ride with us again and again. The power of a clean transit environment is immense, instilling confidence and satisfaction in riders and is a driving force for boosting ridership.

Create a Healthy Environment

Hallcon’s team of disinfection specialists executes comprehensive disinfecting protocols, actively managing potential health risks. We have crafted specialized disinfection programs tailored to various types of transit vehicles and facilities, aiming to protect and enhance the well-being and safety of all riders. Our approach includes tailored disinfecting solutions that meet the unique needs of your system and your passengers’ health requirements.

Hallcon employee wipes down the steering wheel of a bus.
A Hallcon employee with gloves and a spray bottle cleans the interior of a bus.

What We Clean

Commuter Train Cars

Luxury Motorcoaches

Transit Buses


Transit Stations



Vehicle Cleaning

Hallcon leads the transportation services industry in customized vehicle cleaning solutions by directing our focus towards a single goal: to provide an unparalleled rider experience every day.

Our cleaning program is the foundation upon which we’ve built our reputation.

Daily vehicle cleaning always includes:

  • Interior & Exterior Surfaces
  • Carpets & Seats
  • High-Touch Areas
  • Restroom Services
  • Disinfecting

Facility Cleaning

With years of expertise in cleaning, Hallcon collaborates with railroads, public transit agencies, airports, hospitals, and universities among others, guaranteeing that your transportation facilities maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

  • Floors
  • Intermediate Cleaning
  • Heavy Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning

Consulting Services

Program Assessments

Our elite team of transportation cleaning specialists stand ready to revolutionize your program, delivering actionable insights that will elevate your operations into new levels of quality and efficiency. After our assessment, nearly 100% of cleaning programs can reduce costs and increase quality.

Spec Development

An effective cleaning specification review can lead to enhanced performance and significant cost reductions. Leveraging more than 70 years of experience in developing technical cleaning specifications, our team is equipped to evaluate your cleaning program and offer comprehensive recommendations tailored to achieve your objectives.

Hallcon employee rinsing down the back of a bus with a hose.

Establish a New Benchmark.

We’re proud to elevate your passengers’ safety and well-being. Let’s talk about setting new standards in transportation cleanliness.

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A Hallcon double decker bus pulls out of the facility, passing by a sign that reads "Hallcon EV Operations Center"