Rail Specialty Staffing





In an ever-changing landscape for freight and commuter rail operators, having the ability to scale, mobilize new lines, transition services, conduct maintenance and keep operations running smoothly can be a significant challenge.  It’s even more difficult when you do not have the right level of talent and expertise to effectively deliver.  At Hallcon, our Rail Specialty Staffing services will give you the peace of mind and flexibility to focus on serving your customers, knowing that we have the qualified people you need, when you need them.



Freight railroad operators cannot always predict when they may need to meet new customer freight demands, address maintenance challenges, or solve unique problems.   It’s easy to find yourself without the operations and maintenance team members you need to keep your trains moving.  At Hallcon, we manage an extensive network of highly trained, reliable and qualified freight railroad professionals who can be deployed quickly to meet your changing needs.


Commuter Rail Train at Denver Union Station

With the needs of commuter rail passengers continuing to evolve and grow, public transit agencies are challenged to ensure the continued reliability and performance of existing lines. Having the capacity to build and start-up new lines to serve growing populations and new geographies can also provide additional demands. These challenges can be stressful when you do not have the seasoned talent you need to deliver on your promises.  Look no further than Hallcon Specialty staffing.   Whether you need trained operators to fill gaps in hiring, assistance with new construction and mobilization of new lines, or maintenance support to keep your trains running, we can get the talent you need quickly.