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Specialized Transportation Staffing Solutions

Finding the right people with the right skills is essential for managing your transportation network, scaling your service for growth and maintaining your vehicles.

Hallcon is the leading provider of critical staff, training, and certification solutions for commuter and freight railroads, network construction, and transportation companies throughout North America. Born from decades of transportation expertise and industry relationships, we solve the transportation industry’s most pressing staffing, training and certification challenges. 

Our speed to fill is unmatched, our knowledge is peerless, and our industry reach is deep. Choose Hallcon to accelerate your staffing needs.

Find Qualified Talent

Whether you are seeking short-term project staffing or full-time/part-time employee placement, our team of expert recruiters can quickly deliver the transportation industry experts you need to keep your operation running.

Develop the Right Skills

Our programs guarantee specialists are properly trained, certified, and licensed to execute their jobs safely and with confidence.

Stay Compliant

Hallcon is here to help when your employees need to attain federal railroad certifications. With decades of experience in managing compliance, Hallcon makes sure that your transportation experts are qualified to do exactly what they need to do.


We Can Help You Find Specialized Transportation Staff

With unparalleled reach, a deep understanding of the market, and broad industry knowledge, Hallcon’s transportation staffing services can fill job openings across the operational spectrum with speed and ease.

Hallcon can help your organization fill roles including:

  • Conductors and Engineers
  • Locomotive Mechanics
  • Dispatchers
  • Switching Specialists
  • Flaggers
  • General Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Cleaners
  • Maintenance Technicians
Friendly and smiling customer service representative helping a passenger.

Customer Service Representatives

Making the Transportation Experience Memorable

Hallcon’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) play a crucial role in delivering exceptional transportation experiences for all riders.

Our highly-skilled CSRs guide riders through every step of their journey. Answering questions, locating the right vehicles, assisting riders with special needs, navigating public transit terminals, and assisting passengers in purchasing tickets are all part of a day’s work for Hallcon CSRs. As frontline employees, CSRs ensure a positive and safe experience for all riders.

Smiling rail employee on a train
Rail worker holding a clip board is kneeling down and inspecting a train car

We Know Rail Talent

For over 70 years, Hallcon has been the leading provider of specialized rail talent in North America. Our vast network of railroad professionals is the largest in the industry, and we swiftly deploy talent for both short-term assignments and permanent placements.  We understand the impact of staffing on railroad operations, and Hallcon is proud to provide highly-trained, best-in-class talent for our rail clients.


Hiring for new lines or simply keeping existing services running can be an immense challenge, given a lack of experienced personnel available.

Our recruiting team can help quickly find trained professionals that will fill gaps in hiring, mobilize new lines, or support maintenance to keep your trains running.


Thousands of commuters rely on operational experts for safe, reliable transit. Operations employees are the people that move trains and transport riders safely. Hallcon has a team of specialized industry professionals and certified employees who carry out these tasks daily.


We provide flaggers and construction support staff with deep knowledge of the rules and regulations that protect construction and maintenance workers across your transportation network.


The integrity of rail equipment is critical to meet the schedules of your customer. Our skilled specialists provide preventative maintenance, repair, and upgrades to prevent passenger delays due to equipment failure.

Transit Support

A successful operation requires management and logistical support to ensure an efficient commute. We provide staffing solutions for positions ranging from senior operations managers to station attendants to meet your immediate needs.


Freight railroad operators cannot always predict when they may need to meet new customer freight demands or address maintenance challenges.

It’s not always easy to find the operations and maintenance team members you need to keep your trains moving.


Our team of locomotive engineers, conductors, and plant-switching professionals have the skills, qualifications, and certifications needed to meet your operational needs and regulatory requirements. We guarantee it.


Our experienced flaggers and construction support staff are well-informed in regulations to safely protect the construction and maintenance workforce, which is essential to the integrity of transportation.


Our skilled equipment specialists provide preventative maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to keep your freight lines running on time.


We offer experienced management and logistical personnel to help your business reach its peak efficiency.

Training & Certification

We are your one-stop shop for rail employee training and certification.


Our robust training programs are certified by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), ensuring that your team complies with federal regulations and is ready to meet the challenges of operating a rail system.


With a never-ending list of federal regulations, it can be difficult to achieve and maintain compliance. Failure to comply can be costly for your organization. We provide comprehensive service for all aspects of engineer and conductor certification. Acting as a liaison between the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and our clients, Hallcon ensures that your personnel are always up to date.

Railroad Contract Positions

Hallcon offers experienced, licensed professional railroaders to meet temporary, short-term, and long-term needs. Our locomotive engineers, conductors, brakemen, switchmen, train dispatchers, yardmasters, car men, and mechanical personnel are well-trained, highly experienced, and deeply qualified to keep your line running.

Learn More About Contractor Positions

Independent Contractor Positions

  • Locomotive Engineer
  • Conductor
  • Locomotive Mechanic/Electrician
  • Railroad Flagger
  • Locomotive Operator/Switchman
  • Dispatcher
  • Signal Maintainer
  • Railroad Supervisor

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