Hospital and Healthcare Shuttles

Elevate accessibility to, from, and across hospital and healthcare facilities. Keep patients and staff safe and on time while reducing congestion and parking demand.

Elevate Your Healthcare Shuttle Program

How the Right Transportation Provider Improves Healthcare Access and Outcomes

Hallcon shuttles are a game-changing solution that transcends campus accessibility.

We increase access for patients within the broader community. We enable staff to be more productive on their commute to work. We ensure the safe movement of visitors from one building to the next.

Hallcon hospital shuttles get people exactly where they need to be within a healthcare environment. Leveraging state-of-the-art data analytics, Hallcon is redefining expectations by bringing more insights to the table, so you’ll always be improving the reliability, safety, and accessibility of your shuttle transportation network.


Hallcon enhances patient access by seamlessly connecting local transit hubs to your campuses, facilitating a seamless journey to, from, and around your medical center. Increasing accessibility boosts your ability to serve a greater number of patients each day.


Hallcon’s shuttle solutions are both convenient and essential for staff and patient safety. Hallcon takes a data-driven approach to ensuring the safe transportation and well-being of our riders. Our team has engineered linkages between driver behaviors, environmental conditions and vehicle performance to address and improve safety outcomes in a predictive manner.

Reduced Congestion & Parking Demand

With parking at a premium on hospital and healthcare campuses, Hallcon’s shuttle solutions for employees, patients, and visitors alleviate parking demand and congestion by reducing the number of cars on your campus. Smart, efficient shuttles also reduce pollution on your campus and throughout your community.

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Hospital Shuttle Service

Elevating Patient Care Through Innovative Shuttle Solutions

Seamless transportation at hospitals and healthcare facilities is vital to efficient patient care.

Our cutting-edge hospital shuttle solutions boost accessibility and make it easier to travel to medical appointments and healthcare facilities.

Designed for safe, convenient transit, Hallcon’s shuttles ensure the seamless movement of patients, staff, and visitors, underscoring dedication to top-notch patient care and operational excellence.

Intercampus Shuttles

Hallcon intercampus shuttles have redefined the standards of safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation for campus travel and healthcare facility connections. By providing direct transport of patients and staff across campus or between healthcare facilities, Hallcon has established a new benchmark in healthcare transportation options. Our commitment to innovation and rider satisfaction propels us beyond the conventional, making every journey exceptional.

On-Demand Shuttles

Hallcon sets a new bar for direct, personalized service with on-demand healthcare and hospital shuttle transportation. As the North American leader in on-demand transportation, we ensure patients, visitors, and staff reach their destinations safely, efficiently, and on time.

ADA Shuttles

Hallcon ADA shuttle solutions on healthcare campuses provide a superior passenger experience focused on safety. With fully ADA compliant shuttles, vans, or electric carts, alongside exceptionally trained drivers, Hallcon ensures swift and accessible transportation tailored to each patient's needs. We prioritize individual care and operational excellence, breaking down transportation barriers for equal access to medical services.

Last-Mile Shuttles

Connect your hospital directly to local public transit centers with last-mile shuttle service programs. These shuttles extend the reach of your healthcare facility by integrating into local transit networks and the broader community.

A person sits at the Hallcon dispatch office, with multiple screens showing communications, maps, camera views, and more.

Optimize Your Transportation Network with Hallcon’s Command Center Expertise

Hallcon’s central command center services change how healthcare networks manage their transportation programs. Our team maximizes the value of your transportation network, ensuring that all vehicles, providers, and personnel are performing optimally, with a level of visibility and control previously unattainable.

We eliminate inefficiencies to operate at peak performance by leveraging predictive analytics to, enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs throughout your transportation network.

Our strategic management of your transportation network enables your staff to devote their full attention to what matters most.

Optimize Your Transportation Network


The Hallcon Team has been dedicated to their ‘#1 in Safety’ philosophy and their commitment to excellent customer service.

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Level Up Your Healthcare Shuttle Program.

We’re proud to make sure your hospital transportation network is running as efficiently as possible. Let’s talk about what your patients and your employees need.

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