Hallcon is proud to announce that Sunny Shergill was honored by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) as a member of their 2022 40 Under 40 Award recipients.

This annual award recognizes ambitious Transportation Demand Management (TDM) leaders who work to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of commuters and the livability of communities. Sunny was presented with this Award during the Association’s 2023 TDM Forum held in Atlanta, GA.

Sunny is an up-and-coming Operations Manager at Hallcon responsible for successfully executing multiple high-profile commuter transportation programs in California’s Bay area – one of the most complex transportation hubs in the country. Every weekday, thousands of riders depend upon Sunny and his team to get to and from work safely and on time.

One of his greatest accomplishments as a TDM leader is keeping thousands of single-occupancy vehicles off the road every commute while reducing emissions, highway congestion, and relieving on-campus parking challenges. Sunny’s success as a leader in this industry stems from his work ethic, flexibility, adaptability, and unique understanding of effective interaction and communication with others.

“Passengers don’t want to sit in traffic or worry about parking. We have hundreds of passengers depending on us and I am committed to making sure our performance is exemplary because we made that promise.”

Sunny’s vision for the future is for all commuter transportation programs to be fully electrified, reducing their impact on the environment. Today, Sunny is working hard to make that dream a reality by helping organizations through the fleet electrification process.

By being on the leading edge of this movement, Sunny is working to optimize electric shuttle route performance, infrastructure management, and vehicle maintenance making it easier for other organizations to make this transition in the future.

“It personally makes me happy to contribute to solving global warming in some small way.”

Hallcon congratulates Sunny on his outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the entire TDM industry. We are proud to support Sunny as he implements innovative new solutions to create a better experience for all riders.