Woman boarding a shuttle service bus.

Shuttle Services

Shuttle Service

Most of what contributes to the smooth operation of an airport happens on the ground, not the skies. Travelers need to be shuttled between satellite lots, rental car companies and terminals.

Hallcon manages and operates ground transportation services for airports and other public entities with an emphasis on dependability and safety. To meet the challenges today’s travelers face, Hallcon creates customized scheduling and dispatch programs designed for dynamic environments. Our security procedures meet the strict criteria of governmental authorities and our drivers are trained in the highest standards of safety, courtesy and customer care.


“The people I meet are in a hurry. They’re anxious to make a flight or get home after a long trip. So I try to help them relax, offer a helping hand and smile and just make sure they get where they’re going.”

—Alex R., Hallcon Shuttle Driver/Greeter