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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Vehicle fleets are a major cost for transit organizations. The integrity of your shuttles or buses is critical when meeting obligations to the traveling public or your employees. Your fleet’s reliability also speaks volumes about the quality of your service.

Hallcon schedules rigorous maintenance procedures that use the latest in diagnostic technology. We inspect vehicles at regular intervals and make sure that our maintenance personnel are well trained. Hallcon conducts audits of all our facilities, followed up by action plans to remedy any issues.

We take the responsibility of maintaining your equipment very seriously. Our commitment is to provide clean, safe, dependable and comfortable vehicles that meet on-time service requirements without maintenance-caused disruptions.


“People may not see me, or know me. But if someone misses a departure, or gets delayed after a long week, they will be very unhappy. So as a maintenance technician, I try to make sure that never happens.”

—Jackson P., Fleet Maintenance/The Guy with the Wrench