Dan Cox

VP, Transit & Facilities

Dan is responsible for Operations throughout North America. Dan is our resident expert in commuter railcar cleaning, light rail vehicle cleaning, bus servicing, station and facility cleaning, resthouse management and station ambassador programs. He is also developing transit specific initiatives that provide good value and positive outcomes for major transit organizations within Canada and the USA.

Dan has a venerable track record within Hallcon, having held management positions at just about every level of the company. These titles include Supervisor, Site Manager, Area Manager, Regional Manager and Director of Operations. Dan has been instrumental in distinguishing Hallcon as the industry expert in transportation cleaning and various other transportation services. His leadership over the past twelve years has been customer and ridership focused with a deeply held belief in providing clients with flexibility and high quality service.

Dan holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Labor Relations and Political Science and completed coursework toward a Masters of Industrial Relations program at the University of Toronto.