Ruth San Juan Recognized As 40 Under 40 Award Winner

Ruby San Juan Headshot

Hallcon is proud to announce that Ruth San Juan was honored by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) as a member of its 2022 40 Under 40 Award recipients.

This annual award recognizes aspiring young leaders in the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) industry for pioneering creative solutions that improve the quality of life of commuters and the livability of communities. Ruth was presented with this Award during the Association’s 2023 TDM Forum held in Atlanta, GA.

Ruth is a highly respected leader in the TDM industry and is responsible for managing one of the largest and most complex commuter transportation programs in California’s Bay area, seamlessly orchestrating the actions of more than 150 operators. Her impact on the industry is felt by the removal of thousands of single-occupancy vehicles from the road, reducing congestion and emissions.

“Out of 150 employees, I also have 150 families that rely on me. Doing my job efficiently requires me to design a program that requires the least amount of sacrifice from the drivers. Preparation is key.”

Joining Hallcon in 2014 as an Operations Assistant, Ruth’s outstanding work performance and keen understanding of operations have propelled her to consecutive promotions. She understands the critical role that operators play in the successful execution of commuter operations and recognizes the gravity of responsibility they have in picking up passengers on time, creating a positive rider experience, and getting riders safely to their destination. Ruth is a consummate professional whose exceptional efforts and high emotional intelligence improve the quality of life for riders and staff. Her programs consistently rank among the highest in terms of on-time performance and safety metrics.

Talent development is a passion for Ruth. She believes that continuity is the key to managing a successful commuter transportation program. As the demand for drivers increases, Ruth sees a colossal need to identify and cultivate young operators. She is committed to equipping up-and-coming professionals in the TDM industry with the latest digital tools, techniques, and knowledge necessary to propel them to a successful career.

“We will hire people that we know will cater to the needs of the riders and provide an exceptional rider experience. Finding the best drivers and cultivating that talent should be a top priority for the TDM industry over the next 3-5 years.”

Hallcon is thrilled to celebrate Ruth’s accomplishments and contributions to the TDM industry. We are proud to support her as she implements creative new solutions to create a better journey for all commuters.