Hallcon Announces Grand Opening of 3.3-Megawatt Electric Vehicle Charging and Operations Center in Fremont, CA

Hallcon branded EV chargers in Fremont, CA

Hallcon Corporation, a leader in mobility and infrastructure solutions, announced today the grand opening of its new Electric Vehicle (EV) Operations Center in Fremont, California. This 3.3-megawatt facility is the organization’s second EV charging site in the Bay Area, representing a key milestone in Hallcon’s mission to enhance EV infrastructure across North America.

The opening of this site signifies the completion of construction on the first phase of Hallcon’s multi-platform vehicle charging facility. Upon project completion, this facility will be capable of charging over 120 light, medium, and heavy-duty electric vehicles daily, eliminating more than 10,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

“We are thrilled to open our newest EV Operations Center and continue to lead the advancement of EV infrastructure development in the Bay Area,” stated Hallcon President & CEO, John R. Stoiber. “This facility will accelerate our clients’ transitions to electric vehicles and establishes Hallcon as the premier EV infrastructure and transportation partner for companies who are seriously committed to sustainable transportation.”

Hallcon Electric Motorcoach plugged into charger with EV Solutions Switch.

The Fremont EV Operations Center is the second in a series of large-scale EV infrastructure construction projects currently in development by Hallcon. The company also has a 3.3-megawatt site in San Jose, CA, and is developing a 5.0-megawatt site in Redmond, WA.

In 2017, Hallcon set a bold vision to support and accelerate its clients’ shift toward sustainable transportation solutions. Today, the organization is making strategic investments to expand its services so that it can meet the EV needs of every organization.

Hallcon offers unparalleled expertise in EV infrastructure development and operations, providing a suite of end-to-end services, from transition planning, site development, EV infrastructure engineering and construction, EV operations, EV infrastructure maintenance, advanced analytics and charging-as-a-service (CaaS). The company is also establishing a nationwide network of EV Operations Centers to ensure clients can achieve and surpass their sustainability and ESG goals.