Hallcon is proud to announce that Terry Mac was honored by the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) as a member of their 2021 40 Under 40 Award recipients. This annual award recognizes ambitious Transportation Demand Management (TDM) leaders who work to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of commuters and the livability of communities.

“Terry is an innovative leader who is shaping the future of micromobility in this country,” said Jaspreet Singh, Hallcon AVP of Operation. “We celebrate his accomplishments and congratulate him on winning this prestigious award.”

For more than 6 years, Terry has served as Hallcon’s Operations Manager for Google’s iconic bike program. Under Terry’s leadership, the program has grown from 25 bikes to more than 10,000 today, offering the technology providers a unique and engaging employee benefit. This program has drastically reduced campus traffic, roadway congestions and has lowered CO2 emissions in the region by more than 250 tons annually.

Terry’s creativity in leading the bike program has spurred into industry leading TDM micromobility solutions, such as COVID work from home programs, improved return to the office programs, and subsidized subscription based micromobility programs. He is dedicated to extending the reach and influence of the program throughout the organizations as he advocates for bike safety education, helmet awareness and promoting overall healthy habits.

In his vision for the future of the bike program, Terry sees the importance of developing new relationships and working closely with the neighboring communities. He feels that this is a critical step to collaborating with local thought leaders to achieve common goals in enhancing the livability of local communities.

Terry is also working to build a fully sustainable and carbon-neutral bike program by creating a fully recyclable bike. Achieving this goal includes more out-of-the-box thinking, such as working with manufacturers to source recyclable bike parts and partnering with local area artists to reuse existing bikes in campus art displays.

Hallcon congratulates Terry on his outstanding accomplishments and for his contributions to the entire TDM industry. We are proud to support Terry as he implements creative new solutions to create a better journey for all commuters.